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Goddess Andreea And Assistant Feeding Their Toilet

Goddess Andreea continue her movies with her assistant girl and they both use the toilet slave today including shit feeding. They are dressed in hosiery, pantyhose and stockings, skirt, top, boots, heels and they look great. The assistant first fuck the toilet slave ass with her hands, with 1, then both, sametime, doing a perfect fisting and double fisting. With slave prepared like this, Goddess Andreea then begin to piss in his throat then shitting in his mouth and oblige him to chew and swallow everything ! Movie was recorded with 2 cameras from 2 different angles, and also filmed by Goddess Andreea a small part

Ms Jenkins Is The Chocolate Dropper!!

What is Ms Jenkins been eating!!? Even she had to ask herself the same question while filming this!! Enjoy another Great explosive collection!! Looks like she still is having the same explosive diarrhea problem as well!! Nice mix of solid logs, watery diarrhea, mudbutt and loose stool! She was even Making some L’s for all her….Lovers!! lol No she is not some toilet dominatrix, but she is fast starting to dominate the toilet game!! That ass of hers was on full display in this one!!

Guilty Husband Gets A Taste Of Wife’s Snot! – Full Movie

She’s totally mad at him after she discovered lipstick stain on his collar. Scared of his wife’s wrath, he grovels and kneels at her feet, begging her forgiveness. She tells him that she will forgive him only he will accept her disgusting bodily fluids! So she blows her nose until sticky snot comes out of her nostrils. She lets the snot drip all over his face. She gathers the snot on a tissue and makes him eat out of it!

Mistress Gaia International Shit

In this video, filmed entirely in English, you can enjoy your goddess defecates while talking about one of the most common international language in the world. In this way, my many devotees of other countries will surely be happy;-) … of course my Italian fans can rejoice thus exerting their English … who often speak as a shit!