Shitting Wile Getting Fucked

Ebonyscatprincess Epic Shit

Open your mouth! I gotta shit…its enough in my fluffy ass to feed you for an entire week, well yesterday I ate a whole bag of apples.Apples make me shit like a well fed race horse, which means after whole bag, I just cant stop shittinin your nasty ass mouth..go on,open your mouth as I continuously shit all day..all you can do is lay there with your mouth wide open waiting to receive treats and you will realize that this is truly a shitting of epic proportion.

Mistress Roberta – Diarrhea In Black Panties-pov

Today all i am wearing is the spiky leather jacket top and panties so i decided to poop inside my panties but the poop came out on the sides being an soft diarrhea smearing the part of my ass inside all with shit for you to lick clean and after the panties are waiting for you and the pieces on the floor, enjoy.

Spit, Piss And Vomit For The Spittoon

Our spittoon is used heavily, until we spit his whole mouth full, then Cherie also pees. In between, the loser has to suck our dirty handkerchiefs. Everyone gets what he deserves! *smile*