Shittint Compiltationburned

Shit On The Floor For You

I am telling you, today I am not shiting into the toilet. I am shiting specially for you on the floor. I am asking whether you like my dirty ass end and I am ordering you to smell it. I vape while talking to you. Next I am showing you my beautiful shit and I am telling you to smell, licked and ate my tasty poo.

Pissing In Public Toilet

Mistress Giorgia and the slave are in a bar, because the Mistress wanted a coffee and ordered the slave to bring her to drink when the Mistress escaped the pee.What better way to take the slave with her….The slave is obliged to keep the mistress so that he does not fall as she piss, then she is cleansed with the toilet paper and puts it in the mouth of the toilet slave.Humiliations for the slave are not over: the Mistress orders the slave to lick her ass but he does not succeed because he has the toilet paper used in his mouth!The mistress takes the paper from the slave’s mouth and then the slave lick her ass.

Facefull Of Diarrhea After Godess Vacation

Godess is coming back after a few days of vacation and she announce me that is full of Diarrhea. So i was prepared to receive all her Diarrhea into my faceand mouth and ready to obey everything.