Shitty Accident

Serena Plearures Toilet Slave

serena pleasures takes a huge shit in her slave mouth.

Astrid Dance

One of our older Videos with beautifull Astrid. She is the only Girl, we needed to suspend for being to cruel and cold. The Slave accused her of braking his Rib and Hand on Purpose during other filming Occasions.English Subtitles

🙂 Crapped On The Scale And Then Peed

Sooo, as I’ve just time shitting on my gram scale 🙂 and so kannste see what I have produced in grams so! The camera is better than me, so I return to you about shit 🙂 horny view I only say 😉 Then must piss woman again, this darfste watch too! And my pile, including weight you will see

Cassie Sparx Mouth Stretching Log

Cassie Sparx delivers a long mouth stretching nasty log in her boys mouth.