Shitty Anal Machine

Oxana Velvet Hose Diareeah

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Toilet Time 40 – 41

Diarrhea splash out of the toilet bowl! How many women can say when they have a shit explosion that the diarrhea splash up against their inner thigh and toilet seat? Well I certainly can! Check picture 4 and 5 to see the proof for yourself. Including some nice pissing as well as wiping action – From Toilet Time 40Standing ovation shit I suppose? See my from behind as I stand over the toilet to take a shit. Also include a nice crisp close-up of my asshole, JUST FOR YOU! You want to lick it for me don’t you? I must warn you, it’s very smelly! After such a big & nasty bowel movement it seems the toilet paper is having a hard time getting my girl asshole clean. If only your tongue was here to lick my ass clean for me… – From Toilet Time 41

Tm Chocolate Madness Iphone

3 scenes of TM dropping her signature thick, heavy, logs and apples out of that round booty of hers.

Shitting For Pleasure!

This hot girl does not need the money or is not desperate to earn cash, she is just happy to shit for you and she gets off for doing it!