Shitty Blw Job

Daily Ration Shit For Slave Reinhard

A huge amount of shit, has accumulated in the gut of the mistress. Slave Reinhard is visiting and must be at the service of the mistress as her living toilet. Several times the slave is mercilessly shit in his mouth until he is stuffed like a goose. The last words of the slave were, mistress I am full, Mistress of the slave may rest.

Gift 4 New Year In Panties

Gift in tight panties from Goddess Panther!

White Panties. Brown Massacre. Part 1

Shit was everywhere, so many shit, in my kitchen, in my bathroom, if iwould be more lucky, I could literary take a bath and swim in it, especially in the end of my scat session, I vomited, made pain to myself, ate ahes from cigarettes. I was so full that day, that shitted my soul out, of course I was wearing white panties, and when I finished eating shit, inserting it in my pussy, shitfucking myself I fall into this brown mass and slept like a child. Very dirty one.

The Fooled Teacher

Miss Jane needs a private lesson. She tells the teacher about the issue in the previous lesson. He does not believe in the the effect, so Miss Janes shows it to him. She uses his mouth as a toilet, so he eats a huge load of shit and spittle. Now the teacher should be convinced! Miss Jane feels well and had a lot of fun!