Shitty Daughter

Slave Training Femdom & Scatology Introduction! – Part 1

She blows her nose on tissue and smears the snot on his face. She goes to the next guy and sits on his face. She makes him eat cunt until she pisses on his face.

2 Godesses Love To Use A Human Toilet Mouth For Their Diarrhea

Today was a hard day for slave because Mistress, again, wanted to call a good friend and show her how docile i become at eating her shit and drinking her piss. They both were dresses sexy, red and pink/black, and high heels, and fishnets . . .one of them fisting my ass meanwhile other using my mouth for piss drinking and defecation a nice diarheea. After that, they chance position and one of them teasing my cock and ball with her foot and other continuing to fill my huge mouth with their diarheea. A good movie and at the end i was obliged to drink also her pee from a bottle:)

Another Turd In The Snow…

Its really getting cold on the ass and into my pussy when shitting at these temperatures out in the snow… but its kinky….