Shitty Experience

Diarrhea Explosion – Mp4 (panic In The Woods)

Walking through the wood, seeking mushrooms. a voyeur (shitlover, of course) comes across a woman in trouble, who shows unequivocal signs of a sudden onset of diarrhea: she’s got abdominal cramps and body pain as well… maybe, for the lucky Peeping Tom it’s a good oppurtunity to watch a real fall of shit, a Niagara of Poop! The red-haired woman in pain knows well that there’s some faceless person following her, so she starts running fast enought to get away from this pathetic little man. But, when Nature calls, you can do nothing: finally, the beautiful runner girl finds a path, deep in the undergrowth, and can poop: now she is free from abdominal pain! Obviously that fucking voyeur…. it’s you! In this clip you will be a Peeping Tom and you can spy on a lady from a tree to watch her shitting hard outdoors. At the end of the video, the female runner will talk to you about your role of voyeur and shitlover: listen carefully all her dirty words (both in english and in italian language)… you deserve this!

My Husband And I

My husband and I went to rest on lake Baikal in Siberia,Where I fucked him ,had to put an enema ,and wanted to shit,Made him lie down and open his mouth.Now he’ll always be my toilet and shit-taker.

Shitty Sybian Ride

I was riding my Sybian and started to cum so hard that I shit myself. It was such a huge load that I couldn’t help but reach back and start smearing it all over my huge tits, beautiful body and face.

Scat With Cherry Torn

See Cherry Torn and her girlfriend having dirty lesbian scat sex…..