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Big Girl, Big Shit

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Panettone Stuffed On The Face

Christmas is coming and Mistress Giorgia today is more sadistic than ever…Wait until her personal toilet arrives and immediately puts it in its place.The Mistress takes a slice of panettone and puts it on a plate, then obliges the slave to hold the saucer in his hand and place it under his Divine Ass.Start with a nice piss on the panettone, then turn and start a super abundant crap that the slave struggles to make it all stand on the saucer.The slave is obliged to hold the saucer in his hand, on his knees in front of the Mistress he hears all the smell. But the sadistic Mistress is not yet satisfied by her slave toilet: she takes her hand and pushes the saucer into his face. The slave finds himself full of shit in the face, in the mouth, in the eyebrows and in the nose. The Mistress laughs out of taste, she is really happy to use the toilet slave as she pleases.



Five Different Pees Fall Compilation 2

This is a compilation of five pees. I’m pissing in different positions and situations: standing up, from behind, on the toilet. I like to show you my pussy after I peed so there are nice pussy close-ups. For the first pee I’m peeing standing up in the toilet while my boyfriend is in the shower. The second pee is bend over my ass facing you while I’m in the bathtub. Third pee is on the toilet while I was holding the camera in my hand. For ourth and fifth pee I was standing up and peeing in a mason jar. Fort those two you can see that I don’t drink enough water because the pee is dark and concentrated. I’m still training my bladder so I can keep peeing for a longer time. I can’t wait to make long pee videos for you!