Shitty Olschool Anal

Naomi Ebony Scat Girl

Naomi Ebony Scat GirlSo here is Naomi, she is about 5’1 with a pretty face and a big ass. In real life she is a nurse and you would never ever think she would do something like this. The reality is she could not wait to spread her fat ass over my mouth and push her shit down my throat. She was completely mortified when I first told her what I wanted to do…however with time the idea really really started to make her wet. Watch as she shows up to my hotel room to nurse my shit craving mouth back to health…she changes into something sexy, and allows me to eat her full ass right before she takes a long shit into my waiting mouth. She then stands behind me and and squeezes my chest and nipples as I swallow her entire load of shit and cum incredibly hard.Runtime 10m30s

Sneaky Shitting In Public!

She was walking down the street when her stomach started to feel queasy. She couldn’t hold it any longer, she has to take a fucking dump, right here, right now! She doesn’t care if anyone sees her or not. So she simply walks to the corner, hikes up her skirt, and squirts liquid shit on the floor! She wipes her ass off with tissue, hikes down her skirt, and walks away as if nothing happened.

Cheese Puff And Shit Dip

Yes, you read the title right. This clip has me standing over a plate full of flaming hot cheese curls. I decide to add some ‘dip’ to the plate, straight from my ass. There are several angles of the action including a really close up POV shot of my asshole while I push out the all over the plate. If you’re nasty, you know I’m talking to you when I tell you to clean the plate and drink my piss to wash it down. Don’t order this if you are not prepared for it.