Shitty Pissy Pasta Eat

Triple Slave Feeding

I am enjoying my chocolate while my 3 slaves are craving chocolate as well. Well I am after all a generous Princess, and so I will for sure feed them with chocolate. Maybe not the kind you buy in the stores, but fresh digested through my Princess body. So I take place, and give all 3 of them a sold piece of chocolate to enjoy. We are not talking small pieces, but 3 full size logs in each mouth! While they are enjoying my bodily sweets, I throw my tampon on the floor as a desert for them. One lucky slave also get a desert after a chocolate meal!

Francesca’s Funky Outbursts!!

Francesca is back with two awesome clips!!! Enjoy in the first clip as she takes a nice dump on the toilet while also playing with those huge milky breasts of hers. Enjoy as she squeezes until she lactates while also squeezing a nice load in the bowl!! Then enjoy as she gets on her back and spreads wide to release a loud FUNKY blast of shit and piss!! One of the most explosive clips yet from one of the FUNKIEST ladies around!!! The sounds coming out Francesca’s ass are a sound and in this case a sight to behold!! Francesca is the front runner for comeback player of the year as her clips are FUNKIER and more explosive than ever!!

Outdoor Pee And Whipping

Every now and then a slave is allowed to join me on a walk. Of course, the loser is naked and wearing chains. While he crawls adequately alongside me, his moans are boring me. So I piss into his mouth and let him swallow all, but last remains he must keep in his mouth, when he is tied to a tree and gets to feel my whip. As beautiful as every single strike looming on his body, he will remember this for a long time *smile*.

College Girl Libbys Big Dump 720p

College girl Libby drops by to take a nice big steaming dump out of her cute ass in the face of the toilet. As an added bonus we put the shitting action in slow motion so you could hear all the sounds and close up action. Will be available in 1080p HD 720p HD and Iphone/Ipod formats.