Shitty Tourist

Collection_of_old_and_new_clips_jessica 2017

Collection_of_old_and_new_clips_Jessica 2017Big pile of shit from Jessica MiaScat smearing.Boot smearing.Jessica Toilet Slavery Scat diarrhea tampons

Enormous Diarrhea On A Plate

Godess need to relieve a huge diarrhea and she cannot wait anymore to have her slave under her ass. She doing that alone, and she wish you to have a good meal with her shitty diarrhea !

Poop Of My Beloved Poop Chair

jes, I use my poop chairfinally! So many of you wanted it back we’ll see in use, which I then made again. And, you like the horny sight ?! Look at what I was once again out of my asshole is again a lot ..

Eating Miss Cinnamons Dump Wmv

New comer and big booty shit queen Miss Cinnamon gives the toilet slave a meal that he will never forget. She unloads a massive meal out of her huge 50 inch ass of hers. After the video the toilet confesses that she gave him the largest turd meal hes had so far. You will see more of this shit goddess in the future. If you would like a session and think you can handle her massive meals email Miss Cinnamon at Will be available in 1080p HD 720p HD WMV, Ipad 720p HD and Iphone/Ipod formats.