Shity Face Fuck

Mistress Gaia – His Jacket Of Shit

My slave has a nasty habit of coming to me always dressed like a bum! While tonight, to go out with his girlfriend, he even put his jacket! In addition, this piece of shit, not even asked my permission to go out with her! As punishment, I shit on his jacket and, after having smeared it all, I obliged him to go out like that! Ahh ahh ahh

Eat The Chocolate From My Dirty Ass Part 1

Hi my love today I am very horny and I have a BIG surprise for you, because I know you are a chocolate lover I make chocolate just for you. My hand must go deep inside my ass chocolate factory to mix up your chocolate and make it nice and soft. I am so full my ass chocolate factory explodes many times and it gives me a lot of gas.I hope you enjoy watching me make the chocolate as much as you enjoy eating it.

Poop Hole!

Spy cam is installed in a public toilet where these girls come and do their dirty business! Some girls just come to take a piss but mostly the girls come piss and shit then go!