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Sugar Hill’s On The (bowel) Move!!!

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Bound Slaves To Pull Dung For Him

The mistress tied the slaves to the limbs with a tape, crawling the slaves, and then crawling the slaves to the bathroom, shitting and shitting the slaves.

Livia Covered In Shit

See the Scat Girl Livia full of shit. She’s tasting her shit, smearing, playing with Dildo’s and more…

Dominating Mistress Drenches Slaves With Piss, Puke, And Scat! – Full Movie

The slaves can’t resist her and they cling to her domineering ways. Right now she’s breaking in two new ones and they are in for a real treat! She makes them lick her body all over, especially her sweaty armpits! She makes them open their mouths and she spits inside, giving them first taste of her bodily juices. Soon they will be tasting more, more than they can take!