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Dressing Doll With Feces! – Part 2

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Just Shit 5 Times! Shit Compilation No.1

Here you can see how I just shit and piss 5 times. My shit is sometimes hard, sometimes soft And that, standing on a staircase, squatting in a shower, in doggy style in a chair, and sitting on a commode chair! And once I shit and piss on a GoPro camera, which is right under my asshole, so that you have the feeling you are lying under my hot shitting asshole!

Fat Man Eats A Bowl Of Poop!

After a long day at work, this man comes home really hungry, but only to be greeted with her wife who has forgotten to cook! Out of desperation, he decides to bend the sweetheart over and then finger fuck as well as suck her asshole to bring her poop out! His efforts served effective since she eventually starts defecating into a bowl! Once she is done, the hungry fat man proceeds to eat everything!

Hot Dirty Talk And Shitting

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