Shoe With Piss

Tease And Scat

I wear a corsage that emphasizes my perfect, big breasts and my slim waist. In addition a latex leggings that plays around my beautiful butt. I run my fingers over the latex – I love it! My slave is going crazy but I’m not ready yet. Instead I spit in his mouth. Then I sit down with my shiny latex ass directly on his face. I do not care if he can’t breathe! I torture him further and refuse to poop. His cock is standing and dripping with lust, because he wants to swallow the delicious chocolate of his queen.Then it’s time. I push the chocolate directly into his mouth. He chews as fast as he can because he knows how much I hate him if he does not swallow fast enough. He still gets punched!Then I use it as toilet paper, while I look directly into the camera with my beautiful face.


Oxana is hot pooping messy shit in tight pantyhose!

The Shit Will Not End

Yesterday i must too much shitting,and today comes so much shit… sexy KV Video,first you see my sexy ass in Tangas,then i must shitting big Pralines and one sausage!! i press and you can see inside in the rosette!!

Constipation Dr. Visit

Erica has been constipated for days; she goes to the Doctor to seek help.After an exam with a latex glove, he decides to put a vibrator up her ass to jar the poop loose.Still no poop. Finally, he gives her an enema and she loses control and scat flies everywhere.