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Broken Toilet 33 – Merciless Bitch Returns!

Why do I refer to myself as a “Merciless BITCH” in this episode of Broken Toilet? Well I managed to track down a replica of my original red mask which gave me a real bitchy look. Quite fitting as I put my slave Devoted Sub through his TOUGHEST challenge EVER in this one.Guys….I’ve had diarrhea before but never before like this. I’m honest when I say the smell was probably enough to kill most wildlife here in South Africa. It was literally an explosion of endless streams of watery & brown liquid shit. It was like my anus was a pipe transporting raw sewage that burst open. It looks like muddy water & raw sewage and pretty much smelled the same. I don’t even want to try and imagine the taste. I was surprised at the high pitched moaning coming out of my own mouth. That’s how good this felt!Devoted Sub did the unthinkable as he gurgled in his suffering keeping up the whole time swallowing the nastiest diarrhea you have ever seen shooting out of a woman’s asshole.You’ll see during this ordeal how his eyes got red & watery from intense diarrhea swallow suffering, you simply can’t make up such symptoms. And still….like a TRUE GENTLEMAN he thanked me for using him for possibly the nastiest shit I ever took in my life and even licking my buttocks and anus clean afterwards…

Sugar Hill’s Picking Up The Pieces!!

Sugar Hill is back to start the new year with some great FUNKY new clips!! Enjoy as she drops logs, and picks up her mess, literally!! When they say it’s now how you fall, it’s how you get back up – Sugar Hill took that to heart in a few of these scenes!! Enjoy Five Great Ass spreading and unloading clips from all over her house, from her kitchen, to her dining room, and her office, Sugar Hill puts on a show as usual!!


Nasty panty teasing,farting dirty and sexy peeing!

Scat At The Balcony P1

Lady Sandy and Mistress Michelle are relaxing together on the bed and watch television a little and talk about some things. One of Mistress Michelles toilet slaves are waiting at the balcony for his treatment. than Mistress Michelle starts with his human toilet education.