Shopping Piss

Homemade Meal By Hot Wife

Your sexy hot wife does nothing but spend your money, you’re fed up so you tell her if she’s going to stay home all day pampering herself, the least she could do is have a homemade meal hot and ready for you when you get home.She happily oblige and teaches you shitty lesson!

Shower In The Shower For The Pervert

I have the worst luck; I always end up living next to some pervert. So it came at no surprise when I notice a little red light blinking from the floor as I take my shower. I’ve been feeling watched lately so I knew what’s up.I immediately decided, if I was going to be perved on; I would not be out perved in my own house. So I put on a great show full of tease. And when this little perv finally get a perfect look at my wet hole, it’s only to release a chocolate nugget finish. Take that, pervert!*No talking video*Minimal brown

Big Meal

Maybe my biggest shit ever…

Soft Sausage With Whole-body Imaging

I sit upside down the toilet, so you can see me completely. This time there is a soft sausage that I let fall to the ground. Would you lie underneath? 😉