Short Video On Shitting

Pee Trampling Torture

What is the most disgusting thing you’ve ever done in the Fetish-Bdsm World? For example: have you ever tried to drink hot piss produced by a 19 year-old college student when she has just woke up? Haven’t you ever done that? Well, if you are not an expert in pissing games, you must immediately learn a very important lesson: the morning pee is totally different from that of other moments of the day. Morning pee is … simply disgusting! It often looks horrible – urine color appears dark yellow (bleah!) – and has an even more horrible taste. Look carefully at that bowl of dark piss produced by young Tsuki’s body at ten o’clock in the morning and ask yourself if you could have the guts to drink it all without leaving a single drop… Tsuki is a very young mistress (a 19-year-old college student, over six feet tall), who always tries to excess the limits of her slaves. Fakir, the victim of this extreme Bdsm performance, is not a common slave, but only a true masochist, able to bear each kind of torture focused on his stomach. In fact, he claims to withstand anything a young sadistic girl does: hard trampling, belly jumping, abs beatdown etc. Furthermore, Fakir bets to be able to drink or swallow all, without any limits… including a bottle of dark morning pee! So, here, the poor fakir has to drink the horrible beverage, while the tall and heavy girl sitting and standing full weight on his poor belly (ouch!). No tricks and no safety words during this crazy Bdsm game: until he finishes drinking, Tsuki’s enormous feet will crush mercilessly the fakir’s digestive system. Welcome to the Golden World of the Pee Trampling Torture!

Very Painful Eating Shit Christina

I did not dare to do this video for a long time, but I did it all the same! As I assumed after the video, I had hundreds of wounds in my mouth and lips, which were very painful, but at the time of shooting I did not feel pain, but only enjoyed it. Christina was very cruel and ruthless – I was completely in her power and served her. She was well prepared, ate a lot – ate pizza, rolls and other food (last night she spent with her boyfriend, Christina told me that they watched movies all evening and ordered with delivery of pizza and rolls) – she furiously shit with a fart! It was really tasty, and the smell was amazing !!

Dirty Party 10

Princess Nikki, Princess Neomi and Lady Kira use a loser as a human asthary and as a human toilet.

Pissed With Close Up Of My Pussy And Delicious Pussy Slime

I hold my camera very close in front of my pussy and piss off.