Shower Shit Girls

Her Living Pee Toilet

Miss Leah Obscure has to piss and of course a slave bitch will open his mouth for her! So off under the toilet chair he goes with the funnel in his mouth… aaaand swallow! Drink all of the piss! And the lady doesn’t need toilet paper – the slave will lick her clean down there!

Summer! Alina Walks And Powerfully Farts And Shitting

To remove this video, we met with Alina in the evening, near the public beach. Alina wanted to shit from the morning, but suffered for you! Alina said that in the daytime she was powerfully fired several times and had a very smelly smell, since in the summer Alina has a lot of fruits and if she does not go to the toilet in time – shit starts to roam in the rectum and constantly wants to fart. We forgot the toilet paper and Alina had to wipe the ass with a piece of wood!

The Shit Mask P3

Under the strict supervision of the two Scatqeens, the slave now has to chew and swallow the shit. Today it seems that the toilet slave totally fails and can not swallow anything. Lady Domi and Lady Kimi pinch hard into his nipples, to remind him of what the toilets should do. Nevertheless, the toilets can not swallow the shit. The both Ladies spit in his slaves face and humilate him verbal. At the end, he has to smear the whole shit in his slaves face till he has a thick shit mask. The Scatqueens are laughing 😉

Billies Shits, Tits & Giggles!!

Billie Austin was on her Late nights and early mornings tip in this one. Enjoy as she farts, shits, giggles and provides plenty of Tit like you?ve never seen from this BBW Goddess on my site!! Enjoy Four great new clips as she takes you along for four great trips. Enjoy as she gives you her usual dialogue on what she ate that led to her usually MASSIVE piles. But Def enjoy that rapidly shrinking body!! She has lost a good 50 lbs, but one things for sure ? those 42 H mega titties are looking even more juicy than ever!!