Sia Reaping Piss Shitting

Apples For The Slave

Domi takes her slave for a walk, while she finds a pile of shit in the middle of the forest road. She thinks it’s funny to push the sklven skull right in and order him to eat this shit. She pisses herself off over his face to rinse. The loser doesn’t dare to contradict her, so he swallows everything his mistress serves him.

Thank You For Feeding, Mistresses!

Thank you for feeding, Mistresses! Yana and Christina are my favorite Mistresses. And I am always very happy when they invite me to serve them. There is nothing more beautiful than women’s legs! And today I had to lick the feet of my Mistresses. And then Mrs. Yana and Christina spoon-fed me from a chamber pot. They had fed me their fragrant shit. And I was happy because I was feeling the shit of two very beautiful girls in my stomach. Having the opportunity to eat such delicacy is happiness.

Goddess Andreea – Mix Compilation Nr 1

Goddes Andreea is our latest Goddess. She is a kinky, hot, MILF and bizarre Lady. She love to use only human toilets in her new dungeon area. For this, she casting a few of them and use them everyday in her full toilet movies. Here is only the scat part from her first 5 movies, and from now you will see her new movies, followed by a compilation with best part of her shitty action. Enjoy and prove Goddess Andreea that you are capable to chew eat and swallow also her Kaviar !

Self Enema She Sprayed Shit!

Just another day walking in the park when this naughty girl decided to take a dump in public!