Sians Shiting On Eacth Other

Comfortable Live Toilet For 3 Princesses

Comfortable live toilet for 3 princesses. After this meeting, I realized that a good toilet slave should easily serve a minimum of 3 girls! The princesses drank coca-cola, laughed and joked while their girlfriend devastated her intestines into my mouth. The first was Jana – she did not finish the feeding and gave me to Christina. I had in my mouth the remains of Yana’s shit and on top a big pile of fresh shit from Christina – it was cool! The last was Amina – her shit was well-long-lasting, sweet and thick, but very tasty! Amina was the last, but I ate a lot of her shit. To girls did not see someone else’s shit, I built a comfortable bed with a partition – so that the girls could only see their shit. The girls filled me with their shit and left.

Mistress Anna – 7 Days 7 Shit

7 days of shitting huge shits in my toilet ! This would be your breakfast every morning if you are a hungry slave ! Send me msg and tell me wich day you love the most !

Two Golden Nectar And Champagne Ladies

My friend and I have found the slave already bound on the table! I start to pee right in front of him in a champagne glass! Every single drip which doesn’t land into the glass has to be licked away from one of my other slaves! The other slave has to drink my pee right out of the glass! I empty it into his mouth. Lick the glass clean and then it’s time for my friend – she wants to have some fun too! And she also fills up the champagne glass! Two glasses of pee – just for him!