Sierra Sinn Pissoir

Sweet Morning Breakfast With Adelina Frau

Adelina wake up early morning and she strongly wanted in the toilet. She couldn’t suffer anymore, but in a toilet there was a hungry slave. He wanted to have breakfast Adelina’s shit long ago. She have a big beatiful ass and delicious shit! Such breakfast is a continuous pleasure, isn’t it? Adelina has command the slave to lick her ass after a toilet, to make it cleane that her asshole shine. The slave eats all his breakfast and thanks his Mistress.

Izumi Gopro Poop

A big poop from a wide angle!

Nikki And Cherry Kiss Piss Humilation

This clip contains two scenes of Princess Nikki and Cherry Kiss pissing on slave. In the first clip they stand above him and piss in his mouth in the second clip they sit on a sofa, cherry smokes very sexy they ignore the loser and let the piss flow in his mouth.

Pooping Sideways At Work!

Ok I’m always pooping at work but today I decided to give you guys another view! Watch me shit on the toilet with one of my ass cheeks on the bowl and the other one raised so you can get a clear view of my big fat turd coming out…so sexy!!!