Simone Style Pee

Sweep Off My Shit

Hope you’re hungry toilet, my tummy is gurgly and I can just tell I’ve got a big load for you to sweep down. I just know you’ll be up to the task, because toilets are just MADE to sweep of… make sure to catch all my shit in your mouth, slave! Listen to me very carefully as I taunt and give you instructions on how to take care of all my waste… and use that tongue of yours as a toilet paper to lick me clean after…

Diarrhea Explosion – Mp4

Even a sadistic mistress can have a compelling need to poop. So, Mistress Melissa, just arrived at home, makes her needs: a torrent of diarrhea and farts. Unfortunately the toilet bowl becomes dirty of brown diarrhea… now she needs an obedient slave to clean up all with his tongue. Are you the lucky cleaner slave?

Chastised And Fed With Shit

Contessa’s new slave pig is still a little unruly. But Contessa loves such tasks. It shows the slave what he is and what his future role will be.First, the slave is extensively chastised with the rod, so that he gets a premonition of what awaits him in case of objections. But also his future role as all-swallowing toilet is brought to consciousness. Contessa has kept a nice large portion of her morning caviar. This delicacy is given to the slave spoon by spoon. As a little child fed, the slave dutifully swallows every bite that is presented to him. Very good and obedient – that’s how I like my slaves.

Huge Yellow Turd From Tight Teeny Asshole

Huge yellow turd from tight teeny asshole