Sissy Boy Shits Panties

Piss Slut Daniella

I have two friends of mine visiting a swingers party. Both Daniella and Natalia is giving two guys a blowjob while we are watching. Like some sweet lollipops they are sucking the dicks of these guys.. Natalia turns to the ass of on guy and start giving him a rim job, while Daniella gets her mouth filled with pee from the other guy.

The Toilet Is Out Of Order!!!

I’m really dying for a toilet so I hurried along to the closest one I see and it is OUT OF ORDER!!! I’m farting non stop and my belly is aching really bad I really cant take it anymore I have to?.. Oooopss its out! I shit myself.. My new panties soiled with my own shit. I took it off and then continued shitting on the floor! I just dont care anymore. I’m finally relieved, the only thing now is how the fuck I am going to clean this mess up. I reached out some tissues and clean my ass! With no other tools around to clean up my mess I decided to make a run for it! I hurried along outside hoping no one sees me and leave my mess there. As I get out of the bathroom I see someone else is coming…..!

Piss, Shit And Masturbation With Dildo

I sit on a chair and piss, then dildo in pussy and shit out of my ass, I drink my piss, I’m excited …. I’ll take a dildo and masturbate, I love the smell of shit!, I will lick shit and put it in pussy, ointment all the shit ….