Sister Piss Play

First In First Out

My slave gets his lunch today straight from my gut. Maybe he still finds some undigested residues to have a meal *laughs*. Finally, I do not care – my point is not to buy expensive dog food for him. Oh yes, the loser initially thought, that he can not and will not be my toilet, but I have no mercy. If his tongue had previously tasted no shit that’s his problem, I care about his inexperience little. In the end, he swallowed everything according to my wishes, but as punishment for his initial resistance, I commanded him to puke it all back so that he still has something for supper. 😉 This will certainly be a lesson for him to fulfill my wishes next time without whining about it. *lol*

Shaved, Pissed, Showered, Fingered

Uuuh, the little sow really has pissed off! First she shaved her pussy smooth and then putting her finger into the slippery chink – a real sow, this little one!

When Fitness Club Turns Into Shitness Part 2

Girls uses Man as her Toilet