Skat Ritish Shit

New 2017 Princess Miya.mobil Version

001 We have a new beautiful and delicious young model Mia!She’s the most beautiful model in our studio who loves BDSM. Her favorite hobby is to beat and humiliate slaves.In this video clip she gives slaps to a slave, spits in his face. Her tasty saliva comes out of her plump lips, which are sweet as berries … mmm …Mia makes the slave to lick her ass and eat her pad.She is just excited when slaves lick her ass. Now the slave falls under the toilet chair to be fully humiliated in front of this young Lady. Mia pisses in his mouth. But the slave must also lick her pussy and ass to make it shine. The Lady pisses in his mouth. Now she shits in his mouth, his mouth is full. The slave has to eat everything, otherwise she will beat him. Now Mia feeds the slave with berries and laughs at him.In other series, Mia will severely beat the slave. She loves torturing and humiliating the slaves, placing shit in their mouths. To be continued…

Doggystyle Doodoo

Me in doggy position taking a hot stinky shit. Enjoy! :)Note: I have reduced the prices, some by as much as 50%. It’s just after Christmas and I am in the giving spirit. Merry Christmas to everyone and a Happy New Year. Mwah 😉

Afternoon Tea For 3 Mistresses And Their Scat Slave!

It is afternoon tea, much like what you would see anywhere else in the world or in any other situation. Except this is no ordinary afternoon tea and these 3 ladies are no ordinary ladies! After finishing their tea they decide to release the slave from his cage so he can be abused by them. They first spit on him while mocking him and laughing at him between themselves. They each take their turns squatting down and filling his feeding bowl with both golden nectar and sweet golden nuggets before ordering him to get down like a dog and lap it up like the pathetic slave he is!

Decorating With Shit (hd)

Hi Guys! I thought I push on my body the shit and rub it. I was looking for a kitchen tool and put it in my shit, then I pushed it to my body. My shit was hard, so hard to come out. But then I was fucking everywhere.