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Olivia Netta Using My Toilet

Olivia Netta need to use my toilet, and I suggest she better try my human toilet. So I order my slave to lie down and get ready for some champagne from Olivia. Oliva is preparing for her serving of the golden drops, and face sit the slave, and make him smell her ass. Then she serve him a nice drink to enjoy.

Peeing In A Glass Cup In My Living Room Then Pouring My Pee Into The Toilet

In this clip I’m completely naked and I pee in a 2 liters glass cup. It’s very early in the morning so I look very tired. I am in my living room. It feels so good the empty my bladder! When I’m done peeing I move the camera to show you my pussy from up close and spread my pussy lips. Then I go in the bathroom and empty the glass cup in the toilet.

Amirah Adara Using My Idiot Toilet

Amirah is paying me a visit, and she needs to pee urgently! So I suggest she uses my idiot toilet for this degrading task. I take her to the bathroom where my toilet is waiting, and I tell her to just do her business in his mouth. He does not speak a word English, but he is just a toilet, so he don’t need to speak.. Just open his mouth! Amirah is pee the idiots mouth full, and whatever he missed he have to lick from the floor.. When he has finished his duty, I have to tell him to get in position until he is needed again, but as I said he does not speak, so I actually have to show him even how to do this! What a pathetic loser!!

Ebonyscatprincess Poops /shits In Her White Granny Panties(avi)

Oopsy, she cant hold it any longer and she allows her slave to sit and watch as requested, for her to poop her wonderful chocolate scat into her clean white full back panties…