Sl Anal Shitting

Toilet Time 30 – 31

The velocity with which my shit came out of my beautiful asshole made the toilet bowl water splash OVER the toilet seat! Keep in mind South African toilets have very little water in the bowl. Read on guys because this video gets interesting :-)Little peeing, little talking from me and then loud breathing, moaning and grunting as I push some hard nuggets out with some soft & creamy ones in between. Nice plopping sounds as my turds drop into the toilet bowl water. Including wiping my ass and flushing it all away. Awwwww, you wanted to eat that? From Toilet Time 30Folding over with cramps as I take probably the NASTIEST soft & creamy shit you have seen in years! I even commented “That was a nasty one!” My thick & creamy turds came out of my beautiful asshole with such velocity that you can actually see the toilet bowl water splashing OVER the seat!!! I marked the “splash-back” for you in red (check the 12th and 13th photo) Not possible to count the amount of turds that came out of me, simply too many. From Toilet Time 31…

Putt Your Nose On It

Put your nose on it I tell my slave as I’m about to obliterate his nostrils with all the gas I’ve been saving during the brutal smothering he just received. No doubt as breathless as he is after all that, he’ll have no choice but to breathe it all in. I unleash fart after shart after fart directly into his nostrils with his nose pressed tightly to my ass, giving him no fresh air in-between as I rest the full weight of my ass back on his face trapping it inside his lungs. His head pressed between my feet, leaving no room to move his head or any hope for escape, no way to sneak a cheat breath with cling film wrapped tightly around his mouth. I wanted him to breathe only through his nose, to do nothing but smell this ass. I couldn’t help but to laugh as wet and nasty the sounds are coming from inside his nose since it were sealed tightly to my ass with each gift I gave. Poor pathetic boy.. laying their strapped from the ankles up in thick leather straps, mouth tightly wrapped and nose completely at my mercy.. Breathing only the air I allow him… And any air I allow him, will come directly from my ass. — A MUST if you like farting with face shown, watch as I punish and laugh sadistically, verbally humiliating my slave as he suffers beneath me–

Naughty Schoolgirl Takes A Dump On Human Toilet – Full Movie

She skips merrily on her way home but she decides to stop by a public restroom because she really needs to take a dump. She hikes up her skirt and squats over the human toilet. He hungrily opens his mouth and waits for her shit to drop. She unloads remnants of her smelly lunch on his willing mouth.