Slat Takes Shit

Drink A Cocktail Of Shit And Urine

My shit-Eater. You ate a huge pile of pasta shit today! And now for you dessert and A special dish! A cocktail of my shit and piss. You haven’t tried that yet. Drink the bottom, my toilet. Very soon you’ll be eating all shit and piss in this house! You’ll be a family toilet, eating shit off the whole family! PS.: Enjoy your viewing and good impressions! Our films for you, viewing is possible on any gadgets.

Used As Toilet

I really have to go to the toilet. Whats better to use for that need than a slave? I sit on the chair and look pretty bored while peeing, just the way I’d look if I would sit on the toilet. Who cares if there s a slave lying under me? If a pretty girl wants to pee her sub has to obey. Suddenly I realize that I also have to poop. I spit in his mouth and put the poop in. I want him to swallow it! Afterwards I pull my slip down throw it at my toilet and spit on him. I walk away and leave him all dirty and used.

My Nice Shit Coming Out…

Look at this turd out of my open ass…