Slave Eat Shit Anal

Mistress Roberta Beating Trampling And Shit Feeding

Mistress Roberta just relaxing today when her toilet arrived. She was wearing a blue catsuit and bra. She get a chocolate and begin to feed her toilet from her foot. After the first feeding she get a cane and begin to beat him everywhere. Mistress order her toilet to lay down on the floor and keep his mouth open wide to receive his second feeding for today ! She piss on him and shit on his mouth and new lips. At the end, she put a hose mask on his shit face and waiting for him to swallow the shitty dinner.

Shit Training (pantypooping)

This my first bonus video!)Low price and high quality)Hope you like, enjiy and stay tuned!)*bark* XDPS: If you like that video and you want more, i strong recomennded bu my clip *Best pantypoping on Earth*Thats really hot and dirty video!) ^^PPS: Want you want next tell me guys?!)

The Face Slapping Support Part 1 Britany

We put the Man into a Barril and support the Feeding with Bitch Slapping him. The Problem however, Karina slaps so hard, it hurts like Hell. Our man totally freaked out and one would ask, what is worse for him, the Brown Shower or the Slapping. English Subtitles

Monster Shit Sausage For The Slave Under The Toilet Chair! Full Movie

Here I have one of my toilet slaves, which was below the toilet chair and there had to sleep, a monster shit ausage, shitting in his mouth, in my morning, toileting! During the record-breaking shit sausage plopped into his mouth, I had to pee and also I pissed him doing well in his mouth. Thereafter, the slave had to eat completely the big shit sausage. He was then totally exhausted, had to almost throw up and was close to fainting! This perverse mouth shit and shit-eating video, you can see from 3 camera angles!