Slave Eat Shit Cat

Oxana Messy Blue Nylons

Oxana is hot loading messy shit in bue nylons.

Toilet Slave For Mistress Nikole

Today, I will use the slave as a toilet. At first, I caress my pussy and legs in stockings. Then I take my panties and throw them on the floor. My slave keeps the toilet rim so I was comfortable to shit in his mouth. Come on, toilet slave, open your mouth wider. I wanna shitting. Well, lick my turd and piece of shit. I will spitting in your mouth. Lick my spitting and shoes, dirty whore.

Second Shit Training Session With Goddess Andreea

For the second time, Goddess Andreea needed to use a human toilet. She want to relieve her shit only ni human mouth from now so she ake a toilet slavery contract with her toilets and use them on a daily basis. In this morning, she put her slave into bathroom and staying on her toilet chair she was ready to shit a huge quantity of feces ! Slave must properly catch all in his mouth and chew it, until Goddess Andreea will allow him to eat and swallow her precious kaviar. She allowed him to stroke his pathetic cock and after she was done with shitting, she going into bathtub and wash herself while her human toilet keep chewing and swallowing her Kaviar. She will do it almost everyday from now, because she was really impressed by this new oportunity : to not use anymore a porcelain toilet !!

Endless Licking And Pissing! Part 2

Her slave drinks everything, up to the last drop. She sits on her slave’s face and makes her eat her sticky wet cunt.