Slave Eat Shit From His Mistress

Ebony Scat

Hot body ebony girl puts some paper on her floor and with a view from behind does a nice soft shit on the floor then shows us a close up of the shit.

My Pee Hole

I am walking around in the apartment with Lyen Parker, and I have my “pee hole” lying on the floor. This is “it’s” only task! Lie there and catch my pee whenever I need to relive myself! So I keep stopping at my pee hole, and pee a mouth full every now and then!Lyen and me just keep walking around, totally ignoring the pee hole! But I really has a lot today. So eventually I have to stop for a longer pee break. I pee more than I have ever done before. It is really a lot of pee! My pee hole is swallowing liters of piss from me!It is so convenient to have a hole in the ground to just pee into ;). So after having filled my pee hole with my precious pee, I just tell “it” to clean itself! It is not a human, it is just a toilet pee hole!

Outdoor Pooping!

She is strolling down the street when her stomach starts to retch. She needs to scat badly but there is no restroom nearby. What the hell, she thinks. I’ll just take a dump right here, eh? So she pulls down her pants and squats on the grass?and out comes the smelliest shit she’s ever dropped! She wipes her anus with tissue and puts her pants back on, as if nothing happened.

Pissing Models 04

Princess Nikki. Gina Blonde and Mia Phoenix posing for pictures and always has to pee!