Slave Forced To Kiss Mistress Feet Shit Pie

Erotic Toilet Slavery 2. Mega Heap!

Erotic toilet slavery 2. Mega heap! This is another video in which girls demonstrate their beauty. Karina, Christina and Amina touch their pussies, show off their asses. For the toilet slave they are Goddesses. He bows to them and he is ready to fulfill their every desire. He is very pleased to serve beautiful girls as a toilet. This time he has a difficult task. The girls forbade him to eat shit instantly. They made a huge pile of shit on the slave’s face and Mrs. Christina took a close-up picture of that. Then, the toilet slave had to completely eat this mega heap of crap. And he successfully coped with this task.

Malaysia’s Unflushables!!!

Malaysia is back!!! My favorite Blasian Persuasion cutie is back with two new wonderful clips!!! I swear this girl Must have been holding this one in for weeks!!! Enjoy two great scenes loaded with great grunting and straining and the MONSTER logs she is s famous for!!! She put out some in the final scene that were so damn big and solid she couldn’t even Flush!!! LMAO Never seen anything like it in my life!!! She prooves in this clip she has very few rivals (maybe Ms D???) when it comes to producing big loads!!! She’s Unflushable!!!

The New Irristible Toilet Chair Part 3

Here the Girls came together to test the new Toilet Chair and put over the Slave and shit into him one after another Part 3 with Britany. English Subtitles