Slave Gets Shit In Mouth

Lady Katharina First Time P1

The 3 Scatqueens are using a toilet slave. It is very much peed and Lady Katharina craps a pile in the mouth of the toilet slave. The shit is nice and soft, so you need only swallow, but the toilet slave moans and really enjoys it chews and swallows by and by the pile of shit of Lady Katharina.

Party Toilet

My girls celebrate with me in a relaxed atmosphere. Our toilet slave is in the next room and has to swallow what my girls just have to. First Miss Cherie had to relieve, she had to do both. First she pisses into the slavetoilet, then she shits a soft pile in and makes sure that everything is swallowed. A little later, Cherie had to relieve again. Then the toilet had to swallow the pee of Miss Jane. Very handy such a toilet slave. 😉

Unshaven Shit In 8th Months

Fancy on a hard sausage that comes crawling out of my ass? First I’ll show me the shit and then the rosette close 😉

Ebonyfetish 12 Nasty Days Of Christmas Day 3

Today’s treat is a holiday plate full of my hot, steamy shit! My slave was bugging me about a holiday meal, so I gave him one … EbonyFetish style! I set up a beautiful green plate under my throne and made him a nice ‘meal’!