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Mistress Roberta – Caning And Feeding My Pot – Part 2

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Scatology Experiements! – Part 4

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Sun, Sand, And Shit!

It’s a beautiful sunny day and Annelise is as sexy as ever in her flimsy little summer top, barely hiding her firm boobs, and a little pair of panties. She’s gone down to the beach by the river, not to sunbathe like a regular girl, but to totally shit herself and masturbate her pussy in a place where she knows she might be seen!It’s a big turn on for lots of dirty girls to mess themselves outdoors, where there might be other people around, and a chance that someone might see how filthy she is. Not far from where she is pleasuring herself there are people fishing and going about their business. You can tell how much of an exhibitionist Annelise is when she bares her butt to a passing ship in the river!Soon after arriving at the beach, Annelise fills her little white panties with a load of soft poop, forming a perfectly rounded mound in the back, nestled warmly between her butt cheeks. Feeling very pleased and excited by what she’s done, Annelise touches the bulge with her hand and starts to push it and massage the poop over her butt and between her legs. Her pussy lips swell up, aroused by the sensation of being surrounded by the warm poop, and it’s not long before she is masturbating herself feverishly.Using an old discarded tyre like a little stage to give her dirty little performance, Annelise proceeds to move into every possible angle, giving us great views of her poopy panties as she fingers herself to orgasm. Even though her butt and thighs are totally dirty and covered in poop, with sand mixing in and sticking to her, Annelise cares only about the feeling of the poopy mess between her legs and about bringing herself to orgasm!After the dirty deed is done, Annelise goes down to the water to clean herself up. As a passing freight ship goes past she happily bares her butt to the crew, and then finishes by lifting her top and pissing into the water.A very sexy clip, with Annelise showing us what a truly dirty girl she really is!

A Little Shit And Piss On My Slave

I’m going to tease my poor slave. He has requested that I shit & piss on him. And I will, but I only have a little left in me. So he gets four cute, little candy sized shits on his face. But a whole lot of piss to wash it off with.