Slave Mistress Poop

Preparing A Drink For My Slave – Mp4

My slave likes coke but even more he likes it when it`s mixed with my pee. I allowed him to watch me while I`m preparing a juicy and delicious drink for him.

Wild Wedding Night For The Bride! – Full Movie

This is a wedding night like no other. No rose and champagne in this shit because shit is what the bride gets, literally. The nasty groom has his own way of marking his territory. Once settled in the honeymoon bed, he didn’t waste time shitting on her – her face, her hair, her face! Submissive bride takes it all in, not protesting as shit gets into her body and dress. Not satisfied with the mess, her groom calls in his groomsmen to join in on the fun. They take turns spreading shit all over the bride until she and the bed is a disgusting sight of shit and sperm.

Booted And Pissed

Sweetbaby and Miss Jane make a slave compliant. First he is flogged, and then trampled hard with their boots. With her full weight Miss Jane is on his face and is amused of his flat nose.Suddenly, Miss Jane had to piss. So the slave has to endure a pee shower. Further he is trampled with pointy boots.

Vc495 Panty Poop In The Tub

As Sophie starts to push, a big flood of pee comes out. She strokes the wet cotton, then turns around, poking her ass out. Before long, you can see the pointy poop pressing up against the piss-soaked white cotton. She pulls her panties tight over the load, squishing the poop up against her ass. She rubs the poop until the stain starts to spread over the panties, then pulls them down, revealing her shit-smeared ass and the dirty load nestled inside!