Slave Piss Lick

Lady Faye And Lady Cloe – Unexpected Visit P9

Slaves should sometimes be fed and get a treat. Lady Faye thinks this and feeds the slaves with chewed chocolate. The mucous mass simply spits you into his mouth. Tasty for the slave, who then thanked his mistress and licked clean her shoes again. Lady Cloe has to pee now and wants to piss in the slaves mouth. The slave now gets plenty of piss from Lady Cloe. Her feet full with piss he may lick.

Shitting In New Position After Ballbusting

Godess have a custom request today and she must be nude when she shit in her toilet mouth. Before shitting scene, she use her toilet, humiliating him, training him to can swallow her precious kaviar. She use him for trampling, ballbusting, cbt, spanking him and spitting him. Then she piss in his mouth and he drinks . . ..and shitting also directly into his mouth and put her feet deep into his throat to push the shit inside his stomach !!

Multiple Shitty Situations Part 4

Girls Uses Man

Rachel Evans Piss 003

Rachel Evans climbing on a closet and calling her slave. She wants to drink together with him. She is drinking from a bottle and he has to drink her piss. In this long clip Rachel never seems to stop pissing. When the slave is cleaning the floor he receives a bonus from Rachel.