Sleeping Morning Poopi

Lady Laras First Time P3

Now there is food for the toilet slaves. Mistress Michelle give the slave the order to lie down on the floor. Then she shits into his toilet mouth in a usual way. With pleasure both observe how the slave eats the shit. After that Lady Lara do the same like Mistress Michelle and shits into the mouth of the toilet slave.

Mistressanna-too Big Turd For Your Mouth

You are placed in my bathroom as my toilet . You cant move anywhere, because you are my toilet now! You are going to starve until I feed you with my caviar. I just had big sinner and I really need to shit. This will be the rest of your life, serving as my toilet, as you are not human anymore. But You should be very grateful, because I am a great cooker 🙂

Diarrhea Extra Luxury (full Hd)

Like any mistress of the world, I simply love elegant restaurants and luxury hotels. Last night I went to an extraluxury restaurant ? it was probably better than your living room – and I poop instantly in the wc not only delicious foods and champagne… but even the foods of the previous two days because I did not poop for a long time. My precious diarrhea was literally never ending, a real brown river of shit. It’s a pity that you were not there to clean up the whole toilet with your tongue. Next time I will go with you? but you need to have a lot of money and, above all, the guts to do it and obey me!