Slots Sucking Shit Covered Dicks

Shit-eating Machine For 6 Girls

Shit-eating machine for 6 girls. Girls like this toilet very much, because it swallows fast! Urine, shit, usual or menstrual discharge – it swallows everything. He is in great pain – but he likes it! Today he served 6 stinky girls, he bathed in their smells and tastes!

This Could Be Your Bottle..

I fill this bottle with my pee, and teasing you with it.This could be your bottle, wanna taste my pee?

Let Me Eat Your Shit Part1

As already mentioned Lady Lisa had paid me a visit. In this movie we are just done with breakfast and ready to shit. The toilet slave has just recently applied, that is why he is a brand new human toilet. As you have already been told, I am very fond of testing a new toilet slaveIn this part Lisa has to shit very dearly. The toiletslave is even allowed to lick her asshole, while waiting for the sausage to enter. He has a lot to gulp.Language: English+German