Sluts Getting Pissed On

Double Shit In My Room2

I came home. Today my white socks. I was dressed like a schoolgirl. I bolted my stomach. I want shit. I completely undress and start to shit. This can be seen near. I feel better.I like shit very much. I can not go visit a friend. My toilet is closed. I shit in the middle of the room. I show a close up shit.

Shart Injections

He wanted to get off but I was tired and didn’t feel good, he should respect that right? No. he kept bugging me for sex. Not fucking happening. Alright dude if you can get off by me just sitting on your face I’ll let you cum.. He accepted. Not remembering the awful diarrhea and stomach flu I’ve been hit by the last 48 hours haha, I sit full weight on his face and pour numerous farts… At least I think you could kind of call them that.. Straight into his nose like a pressure funnel while barely letting up for him to breathe even, I didn’t want that mess going anywhere but into his nose. You wanted to cum right, come on, hurry the fuck up, I’m sure your nose is on fire by now.——- Sharts were shot directly into his nose so effectively that it doesn’t get visibly dirty, but the sound from the pure liquid fart blasts will blow your mind.

Desperate Housewife Long Turd For You!

Here’s a home based wife who has nothing to do but to please your desire so here she spreads her long legs and squatted on two dining chairs and pushed long turd for us to enjoy. Freshly served with a thong!