Smashing Shit In Someoneface

Shit Fetish

A beautiful girl with a gorgeous figure enjoys playing with shit. Standing in high heels from a beautiful ass comes out fragrant shit. The smell is so strong and pleasant that I start to get excited and my cunt gets wet. I try shit, lick shit, enjoying his unique taste. My friend just came home from work and saw me having fun. He put his foot in the shit and I licked it with great pleasure. I sucked every finger. A sense of submission and humiliation intensified my excitement. Every girl should sometimes become a dirty whore)))

Spanking And Pissing All Over Her Body

Spanking and pissing all over her body

The Toilet Container

Mistress today want to go to toilet bowel movements, but the slave so hungry want to eat the queen’s excrement.

Pooping In The Political Science Building On Campus!

I’ve decided I’m going to go on a mission to poop in all the buildings on my campus so let’s start in the political science building where I took a big poo and hopefully no one comes in!