Smear Shit Linckig

The Brown Crap And The Pink Sneakers

Today I’ll show you the brown crap and the pink sneakers. I put on my pink sneakers and shit a nice brown pile

Bikini Poop

The huge “KAIDENCE KING” text in the GIF does not appear in the video. I’m sitting on the toilet in the bathroom wearing a sexy pink bikini. “Hey, it’s Kaidence and I’m back! I haven’t made any shitting videos for a while, but I can’t wait to shit for you right now, I need it so badly.” I strip for you, showing off my sexy body, big tits, round ass. Then I squat over the toilet and do a nice long dump. It feels so good! I show you my dirty asshole before I wipe it, then I show you the dirty toilet paper before blowing you a kiss goodbye.

Kinky In A Hotel

messing around…

098.3.1 Eating All

The last part of this video, let you see it!