Smol Boy Shit Gril Face

Poop Hole!

Spy cam is installed in a public toilet where these girls come and do their dirty business! Some girls just come to take a piss but mostly the girls come piss and shit then go!

P – 3 Girls – Drink Our Pee – Full – A – Hd 1280×720

HD 1280×720, time 6:28. Girls want to have fun and want to pee. They using a man as a human toilet and make his stomach full.

Dinner On The Street

Our dirty cur does still not know, how to pamper Miss Jane and me with a nice cake. As a reminder we just crushed his meal on the street, peed in his dirty mouth and then let him slurp up all the rest from the concrete, while we kicked his balls repeatedly.Our cur has to improve – but anyway we will use his mouth as toilet. *smile*

Smell My Shit

I decided I wanted to give my slave a good up close view of my ass while I take a shit, so I made him get on is hands and knees and crawl up to me while I sat on the toilet. Then I pushed out a nasty load of shit with his head in the bowl. After I made him breathe me in for a while, I got up and spread my ass for the camera and made him wipe me clean!