Sneaky Peeing At The Beach

Strangers Filming Schoolgirl Pissing And Defecating!

In the middle of a park, there is a wooden infrastructure which is labeled as a female public toilet. Though, little did people know that underneath the opening on the floor, which serves as the toilet itself, are men hiding and recording the unsuspecting women! In this situation, a schoolgirl falls victim to the trap! While she is taking off her panties, the culprits are recording everything! It doesnÂ’t take long before she is squatting on top of the opening, making it hard for her to see them! She then releases a strong stream of piss and follows it with a couple chunks of feces!

Hot Chocolate, Whipped Cream, Pee In My New Slave’s Mouth

Silicone Goddess Antonella using her new toilet slave. She’s giving him a tasty dessert made of hot chocolate right from her sexy asshole into his mouth. Then she makes another big and looong one and adds some whipped cream to it and she asks her slave to eat it. She’s peeing into his mouth, just of the case he is thirsty.

Christina, Shocking Truth About Shit-swallowing

Meet Christina, a true lesbian shit eater, and her shocking performance!! Extra long 45min. Movie

Public Human Toilet Consumes Hard Balls Of Shit

This is yet another day in the life of a human toilet. On some days, he is given chocolate mouse and on other days he is given golden balls that are as solid as rock. He welcomes all, and on this particular day he is served with sweet rocks of shit. This schoolgirl has obviously eaten very well as her shit is full and firm. As it drops it enters directly into his mouth and he is required to chew the nuggets before swallowing. The schoolgirl’s asshole is stretch as she pushes out her solid payload. As is required from him he carries out a complete cleaning of her asshole before she leaves him for the pathetic creature that he is.