Snot Piss Vomit Lesbian Ritish

Shitting On The Sofa

I masturbate before using my toilet slave. I command the slave to lie on the floor under the sofa and open his mouth wider. My shit started to come and go out to freedom. The slave’s mouth was full and he could no longer resist his will. I picked up pieces of fallen shit and shoved it back in his mouth with big dick. Eat my shit, stupid slave!

Scat Fucking Adventures – Part 1

Hello everybody. It is Leona. And I want to present you our new great video.Let me show you some of my shit fucking adventures, I have asked Matilda to be a camerawoman on this one.So, what you are going to see in this video? Scat, Shit fucking, anal Sex, enema showers, shit flying all the way around the room, Shit, more shit. More than 60 minutes of instant actions. So watch yourselfI hope you will have the same joy from this video as we have got while making it.Kisses.Leona

Black Lady And A Bowl!

black lady pee in a bowl and the slaves drink from a bowl!backstage uncutolder clip reduced quality!