Snotrunny Shit

Sweet Shitty Morning

Usually I sleep up to 12 hours, but today I was awakened by my toilet slave. He is my toilet and he is very hungry. He took off my clothes and kissed my feet and my arms. I was angry that he dared to wake me up and I slapped him. As punishment for his behavior, I command him to kiss and lick my sweety asshole. Then I shitting in his mouth right on the bed and make him swallow his breakfast. In addition, I spit in his mouth. But it seems he really liked this punishment. Eat my shit and enjoy this morning!

Summer! Alina Walks And Powerfully Farts And Shitting

To remove this video, we met with Alina in the evening, near the public beach. Alina wanted to shit from the morning, but suffered for you! Alina said that in the daytime she was powerfully fired several times and had a very smelly smell, since in the summer Alina has a lot of fruits and if she does not go to the toilet in time – shit starts to roam in the rectum and constantly wants to fart. We forgot the toilet paper and Alina had to wipe the ass with a piece of wood!


A thick poop is slowly released and then fully dissected!

Lady Bianka Neve First Time P1

Lady Delunatic and Lady Bianca Neve visiting today a toilet slave and like to have fun with him. Both Ladies are Bi and both only like to use the toilet slave for pissing and shitting. For that he has to prepared first of all with a spider gag. After he has a big bunch of shit in his mouth the ladies are smearing his body with shit.