Solo Cat Pooping

Close Contact With Christina’s Shit And Urine

I was completely under the smelly ass of Christina and swallowed all her stench. Elegant ass Christina sat tight on my face, not allowing me to breathe – I was completely in her power!


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Dirty Piss Party 04 (nikki Cam)

Minnie Manga and Giant Princess are having a party with me, and like always I allow my girlfriends to use my slaves in whatever way they like. Just to show them, I order one of my slaves down on the floor, and start pissing a lot in his mouth, and he has to swallow everything! Both my girlfriends really enjoy using slaves for this purpose, but Minnie needs a smoke, so I order a slave to accompany her as a ashtray. My friends are really surprised how pathetic a man can be, but then again they are not men.. Just slaves! After smoking, I make my shoes very dirty and have the slave lick it clean. Yet to a lot of laughing and humiliation from me and my friends. Giant Princess wants to pee as well, and I once more order my slave to lie down, and swallow everything she pee in his mouth. Once she have finished peeing, we go outside leaving the slave lying in the pee he missed!

Mistress Jade Part 6

Mistress Jade Part 6The Dessert