Solo Girl Pee In Face

Ebony Scat Princess Is Getting In The Groove!!

Ebony Scat Princess Is getting back in the Groove!! This is one of the Original ebony scat models in the early days of scat oriented stores. She made the content that I love for beginner scat fans and for more advanced scat lovers too. There were very few that catered to both back 10-12 years ago. Fast forward to 2018, and not only is one of my favorites back in teh game, but she has teamed up with me to bring exclusive new content!! One thing hasn’t changed – that ass is still big as hell!! Anyways Enjoy as this Princess is back to claim her seat in the royal court!! Enjoy two great clips as she shits a ton!! In the first, enjoy a standing dump and she pushes out a muddy, runny load. What a pile she left on the floor!! In the second she sits that big ass on the bowl to push out even more! This time she pushed out big logs into the bowl, squatting to show them shooting out her ass. THen enjoy when she stands up and spreads to show off her dirty asshole!! Two Great clips from one of the very 1st to do it!!

Tease And Scat

I wear a corsage that emphasizes my perfect, big breasts and my slim waist. In addition a latex leggings that plays around my beautiful butt. I run my fingers over the latex – I love it! My slave is going crazy but I’m not ready yet. Instead I spit in his mouth. Then I sit down with my shiny latex ass directly on his face. I do not care if he can’t breathe! I torture him further and refuse to poop. His cock is standing and dripping with lust, because he wants to swallow the delicious chocolate of his queen.Then it’s time. I push the chocolate directly into his mouth. He chews as fast as he can because he knows how much I hate him if he does not swallow fast enough. He still gets punched!Then I use it as toilet paper, while I look directly into the camera with my beautiful face.

Smell My Ass ~ Taste My Ass

I here you want to smell my ass and taste my shit. I allow you to get up close and personal and smell my ass and after I shit I give you a long close look and smell. After you look and smell I undress completely and play with my beautiful pussy and tell you how wonderful it is to small my shit while I make my pussy cum!! Ohhh, it smells so good and feel so good to cum. I’m so vocal in this one it’s fun!!!From your favorite redhead!


New Year gift for you pooping, peeing,farting in sexy green jeans and nasty high heels!