Solo Piss Teen

Francesca’s Smokin And Stankin!!

Francesca is back with two great clips for one low price!! Enjoy as she adds a new spin to “wake n bake” in the first clip! Enjoy as she enjoys a nice smoke while dropping some serious logs in the first scene!! It’s priceless watching her Strain and exhale at the same time!! Looks like some Mcdonald’s fucked her stomach up!! Enjoy as she struggles to push out two painful logs. In the second scene enjoy as she poots pees and poops some more. Two great clips and great action and commentary!

Honey Brown’s Megaload Explosions!!

Honey Brown is back with one of her best clips Ever!! Enjoy a Dirty Dozen minutes of FUNKY peeing and massive dumps!!! She couldn?t even wait to sit before she was exploding with pee or poo in most of these clips!! Four Great scenes of Hot Action!! At 45 years young Honey Brown is by far one of the sexiest women I have ever seen in this game!!! Her body is flawless and vastly superior to most women half her age!! She is old enough to most of my models mothers and she puts most of them ? even some of the big time adult film stars ? to shame!! Enjoy as she lets rip in multiple angles as she squats over the toilet, then a massive explosion from behind as she had no time to prop the camera as the shit was already squeezing out before she sat down!! Those Turtleheads are a mother!! Then enjoy a sexy reverse kanga clip where she squats backwards with her ass to the camera!! Honey Brown is easily one of my five favorite Funkyladies!! This fetish star has also just started her own site!!

Aria’s Bloated Grunts, Plops, And Strains!!

Aria’s Back with another GRRRREAT collection Tony Tiger Style, full of Snap, Crackle and Plops!!! Damn all that is missing is the smell-o-vision on this one!! She was a little bloated and ready for some good evacuations in these Four Clips. This new Camera of hers is making one of my favorites even better than ever!!! You can almost feel the turds falling out her ass in this one!! That Juicy Ass of hers is just dropping em in this one!!